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    • Phone shut off without notice 2
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Virgin Mobile has THE WORST customer service. I spent 6 hrs on the phone w/them today trying to get my issues resolved (loyal customer for 4 years ALWAYS pay my bills ontime) I got 5 different stories, hung up on 3x's and spoke to 7 ppl (2 supervisors) who basically had no authority to fix anything and let loose on the last one 'a supervisor' and said, 'let me understand this ..... As a supervisor, you can't refund the broken phone I paid full... Read more

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One thumb! Sucks! It takes $10 at at a time from your Account With no service! For Mobile Internet! Add comment

I have virgin mobile, and I feel highjacked by them. I paid $100.00 for there smart phone that cannot be used anywhere else. I've had the service for $35.00 per month plus tax, for a total of 39.95. after 3 months of service they blocked my voicemail unless I agree to pay another 2.99 per month. That's not much, but this is something that was not told at the time I signed up. I just feel that it's dishonest. If I knew this up front I might... Read more

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I had a virgin mobile phone, used top-up cards. Back in Sept. I called the help desk that I couldn't access my account because I was over on the money, $300.00, and couldn't add anymore money to it, in November, they closed my account and took the money. I spoke to the Manager, not American, and I was told they tried to reach me via text on a phone I couldn't access. For anyone thinking about getting a phone, go w/ any provider except Virgin... Read more

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I have been a customer for 8 years and this past week was met with the most deplorable service imaginable. I was made an offer to a phone upgrade by the retention department (or so I was told that is who they were) and was provided a promotion code. When I attempted to use the code (less than an hour later) I received an error that the code was not valid. I called to find out what was wrong. I was placed on hold for an interminable amount... Read more

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Worst customer service EVER! I don't mind the actual service, but customer service is incompetent, extremely hard to understand, extreme lack of training. Oh you have insurance and need to send your mobile back because its not working like it should? Get ready to pay to send it back! Expect to talk to at least 4 people to get your problem fixed if they will fix it at all! Good ole outsourcing at its best! Thank Virgin Mobile for the worst... Read more

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I read complaint forums to help make buying decisions. I never thought I'd post on one. After 3+ years with VM on a pay as you go plan, my account was cancelled 1/2/2016 without notice. VM always emailed or texted when it was time to top up, which I always did right away. The phone was not for everyday use but was checked every other day for messages. The last text message from VM was on 9/18/2015, 1:50PM, acknowledging my $10 top up. Is it... Read more

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Same thing happened to my mother. She had a balance of $380 and they shut off her phone. She had a car accident and was unable to make a call. We went online and they cutoff her online access. We called those crooks in the Phillipines and they said her balance had been forfeited and they would not refund the money. My mother uses the phone for emergencies ONLY ( LESS THAN 10-15 MINUTES PER MONTH). THESE GOONS MUST BE STOPPED. Read more

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You are lucky you only have 30 - 40 dollars. My balance was 395.70 when I asked to cancel my "NO CONTRACT" cell phone service and get a refund they said - REQUEST DENIED. The phillipine at the other end said I was not complying with the "terms and conditions". In the courts of the USA - "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" apply only to contracts. I signed up for a "NO CONTRACT" cell phone service. I asked to speak to a representative in the US. that... Read more

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I have a Virgin pay as you go phone for my 87 year old mother. Today she said it was not working. Yep, phone inactive. I manage and pay the account for her. I received a notice of payment due on August 30th. I topped up on Sept 1, 2 and 3rd. (NOTE - one of those was an auto top up set for this account.) Apparently, Virgin disabled my auto top up and never sent an email. I had approximately $340 balance. It was for while my mom was out of her... Read more

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