Lawnside, New Jersey

I was completely satisfied with my Virgin Mobile service, and then the company opted for a system update. The company did warn its customers, however, I didn't realize it would have the kind of impact on my service that it has.

My data service speed has been retarded to the point where it is practically useless, and I receive "network error" messages constantly!

Virgin Mobile should take measures to ensure the happiness of current customers, but instead they are worrying about future potential customers. I will no longer refer people to Virgin Mobile for prepaid service, as i myself will be changing companies!

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I'm OK with the word retarded.

to S0_Sad Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #639325

If you "retard" something, you are slowing it down or delaying its progress. He said his data speed has been retarded.

Can you put two and two together, or should I make it even clearer for you? You shouldn't call people ignorant without even knowing the meaning of words yourself, imbecile.

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