Once a year I buy a new phone from from VM. I was starting at a new college for the spring and decided to splurge on a better phone so everything would be more convieniant for me.

I bought the galaxy s2 which was on sale for $300. I got it really quick but I soon realised it was a 4g phone. The 4g network doesn't extend to my area. So I thought no big deal I can just return it for a new 3g phone.

I went through the steps over the phone with VM. I got a return number and returned the phone. Its been 2 months they said they have no record of my phone being returned but maybe there technical department can find it. I contacted them again.

And again even asking for some credit or something on my account and they just can't help me.

So I'm stuck with my smashed screen phone. I also contacted ups and they were no help they told me to contact VM -_-

Monetary Loss: $325.

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