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Today I ended my five-year relationship with Virgin Mobile after a two and-a-half year customer service nightmare. Before I give this review, I just want to mention that I do not blame any customer service representative that I dealt with over the phone or in person through this ordeal.

Each one tried their best to help through this but were utterly ill-equipped to deal with the situation. I blame the management at Virgin for creating a customer service experience that is in no way made to benefit its clients. It is disgusting that Virgin Mobile puts their hourly-paid employees in a position to fail when they deal with frustrated customers like myself. I also want to mention that I have never written a review for a company before but feel that potential customers should know about the complete lack of care the company has for its clients.

In January of 2015, my phone was lost or stolen during a vacation in Hawaii. I called immediately from my hotel to ask for my account to be suspended until I could return to Canada and get a new phone. When I returned I went into a Virgin Mobile store to buy a new phone on my existing plan that I had suspended. The care-specialist told me that If I had a different credit card number he could give me a new phone on a new account and I would just have to buy out the remaining $110 on my old contract and it would be less expensive than buying a new phone.

I agreed and was set up with my new plan. Eight months later, I received a letter from collections for $320. I called Virgin Mobile to ask where this charge had come from; after being transferred to three different customer service agents who could not find the charge on my account, the fourth discovered that the charges were from the account that I thought I had cancelled in January. Instead of cancelling the account after I had paid off the amount they left it suspended, which still compiles charges Very frustrating, but mistakes happen.

After several more transfers and recounting my dilemma half-a-dozen times to these poor customer service representatives, I finally was transferred to someone who could reverse the charges However, my credit rating still took a hit. In March of 2016, my phone broke. I took it in to one of the stores and they told me I had to call customer service to get a new phone shipped to me on my replacement warranty. So I did and within a week I had a nice new phone.

Five months later I receive a letter in the mail letting me know that $300 dollars was being charged to my account.. end of letter. Confused, I called to see why again. The first customer service representative was just as confused as me.

He told me that I had taken a loner phone from the Virgin Mobile store and that I had not returned it. I assured him that I had never taken any loner phone from the store and that there would be no record of me signing for it because it never happened. After several more transfers, each time having to repeat my situation with increasing frustration to a new agent, one finally realized that the charge came because I had not shipped my original broken phone back to the warranty department when I received my new phone. Although I was 99% certain that I was never informed that I was supposed to do this, luckily I still had the phone so I was more than happy to send it back.

I did so and asked if the charges could be reversed. The agent said no because they had not received it yet and that my services were going to be discontinued. This was three days before I was taking a trip to China. I asked them to please not suspend my services as I would need them in China and asked for this case to be postponed until I had returned.

The agent said he could put a hold on the charges until I returned. So off to China I went; not four days later, my phone was disconnected. When I returned I called Virgin and explained that I was very frustrated that my services had been suspended when I most needed them after I was told that they wouldnt be. Now, this is where my experience turned into a nightmare.

The representative told me that he had no idea what I was talking about and that I had an overdue payment of $300 and he could not turn on my services until I had paid. By this point it had been over a month since I sent the phone back to the warranty department so I had assumed the refund would have been processed. Several transfers and having to detail my situation over and over again I was told that I takes up to three months to process a refund on a return. I got in touch with the people who handle the warranty and they confirmed that they had received my return.

However, Virgin Mobile outsources their warranty services so they could not turn on my services until this outsourced company sent the right people an email. This process took over a month to resolve. In May 2017, I decided I wanted a new phone and a new service provider to boot. I went into the Virgin store and told them that I wanted to cancel my account and take my number with me.

I was surprised at how easy this was The account was cancelled and I went two stores over and signed up with Koodo for a much more reasonable price and even better services. Today I was checking my old email saw that I had an unpaid balance from Virgin.... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called and surprise surprise, my account wasnt cancelled, it was suspended again.

Because Virgin Mobile is so *** desperate to suck every penny out of their customers, even when you remove your number from their database and take it to another provider they still dont cancel your account. Now, after several transfers and retellings of my rage, I do believe that my account has been stricken from existence at Virgin Mobile. If anyone from Virgin Mobile reads this, please, treat your clients with more respect. Treat them the way a customer who is paying thousands of dollars to be member deserves to be treated.

Not once while all these charges were being added to my suspended accounts over the years did a single person say, hey, its kind of weird that this guy wants to be charged on an account he isnt using, maybe we should contact him to confirm that is indeed what he wants.

If anyone is reading this and is thinking that Virgin Mobile is the provider for you. Good Luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the world see how you treat your clients. I don't want anything else. .

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