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I have had several line with this company for several years. I started with them back in 2002 and then they were a small but okay company.

The last 2 years or so they have become incompetent idiots! They constantly charge phone lines more than once a month and I always have the most difficult time getting a live advisor. Today I asked for a supervisor and I KNOW it was the same person. I just replaced my phones and I use this for a business.

I am looking at going to another company in a few months.

I just cant afford to change everything with this economy. If I were you find another service, the price difference is not worth the headaches or bounced checks from the idiots that have your credit card information!

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I sent them an iPhone under warranty to be repaired. They didn't receive it and want $650. They said they'd contact me about what to do and sent it to collection.


I get disability allowance and have been a customer with Virgin since 2007 taking their Broadband only package. As i am unable to do a direct debit they charge me £5 on top of the £18 for the broadband.

I even get E bills but im still charged £23.

When i phoned(June) to say i wanted to leave i was told i would be charged until November as the contract i signed rolls over every year. Is this true?


Since they went up 5 bucks on my normal plan hubby decided to go to a lower plan 1500 minutes and text and 30 MB of data. Scared I'm going to go over I check my balance often since I'm not close to my computer and can't keep track of how long I talk.

Now I am getting charged 2cents to check the balance.

Are they for real?? :(


I was robed and raped by Virgin Mobile.

I also got rip off by Virgin Mobile. I purchase the phone on Sept 8 2011, for $20 and paid additional $20 for the 400 minute usage.

In reloading more minutes to my phone, On Oct 2, 2001 I went to their local store and paid $20.00 for additional 400 munite. I was given a pin # and instruction to reload my phone. I called their 888 service number and follow their instruction to reload minutes on to my phone. 1 week later on Oct 9, 2011.

I notice my phone doesn't work any . I call their 888 number and talked to their live agent. I was told that when I reload my phone, I didn't ask for a live agent so the $20 I paid went toward a very expensive plan of 20 cent per minute and my entire $20 was used up in week. I was told, "now you know so you should not make this mistake next time".

I told the agent the mistake was not mine and I followed their printed intructions given to me.

I asked to speak to a suppervisor. I was told there is nothing they can do.


They are such crooks, I have been with them for so long but never

bothered to look at the details on my account. I always wondered how come the balance was such an odd figure, and then even when I don't use the phone, I end up with a zero balance, within less than the alloted time to use it up.

So after all these years, over 6 years now, I checked my daughter's account history, they have been charging for Xtras, just about every night right after midnight, she would be asleep, or the even when the phone is off, they have taken away .10c or she'll be on the internet on her computer, not the cell phone's internet. Now they are going to respond in an email. What a bunch of crooks! I'm going to cut them off totally.

Metro pcs is so much better. $40 a month no extra charges, unlimited web, texting and calling.

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