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Since 7/5/12 I have had the same phone with Virgin Mobile, a Sprint "overstock" HTC EVO 3D/4G with the hotspot, the phone displays a Sprint logo on the corner, not the VM logo. The phone was purchased new and up until the end of April 2013 everything was fine, no issues whatsoever! Then 4G stopped working, at first I thought it was some kind of glitch, called VM and they assured me they were "working on the towers". That's OK I thought, but something told me it was BS as VM does not service the Sprint network towers. A few days later the same issue was still present, 4G not working, the diagnosis from VM came back as there was no 4G service in my area, the largest city in Ohio, then it changed to the tower in my area was broken. I asked if I went to the other end of town if the service would work, as there has to be more than one tower in town, they had no idea.

After asking if I still had voice and 3G data coverage I was hung up on. So I did just that, and drove to the other end of town, still no 4G. I called every day for a week, submitted several requests and finally got some sort of actual ticket. Then I received a call from a support supervisor, we went round and round about the towers being worked on, then it hit me, my neighbor has VM. Talked to my neighbor and his 4G was working perfectly, so I called VM from his phone. VM support quickly stopped talking about the "towers" when I had asked them to look and see what phone I was calling from, another VM phone with full 4G service 2 feet away from me. They shifted the conversation to the phone being broken, I called their bluff instantly and asked "but what about the towers being worked on? I thought that was the cause of the issue?". Hung up on again.

Called in again, and actually spoke to a tech who seemed capable of understanding the issue, I was told that there was an issue with some of the phones not being correctly switched into a new system database or something of the sort, he walked me through some menu screens on the phone, then asked me to verify the MAC address of the phone, he then said he would forward the information on to someone. Not even 10 minutes later 4G started working again!!! Yay! And everything was fine again until 2 weeks ago....

Same issue again:

Turn on 4G, phone says "connecting, connected, disconnected", uh-oh here we go again, just like before. Calling customer service this time was even worse, the main tier of CS is now trained to ask several questions about the service, and go to the main voice and data test screen, which will not test data over 4G if there is no service in 4G, again they asked if voice and regular data was fine, then I was hung up on as usual. After another 2 weeks of calls, repeated BS about sending me an update, more "working on towers", "4G is not available in your area", CS reps stating the issue has never existed before, on either my phone or anyone else's in their history, I reached a pleasant seeming guy in tech support who got pretty in depth with the phone Just so everyone knows, if you dial ##25327# on your Android it will take you into the hidden CLEAR network information page, this also has all of your lifetime use stats and all of the info for the phone, there is also a reset option under the menu heading at the top, don't push it unless you have everything backed up!

Tech said he would submit a ticket for a supervisor, but now when I asked them to lookup the MAC address and see if it was still active in the Sprint/CLEAR system, he stated the regular techs are no longer able to see that information and it must be done by a supervisor, they assigned me a help ticket #, and told me they would call by the end of the next day. Another two days later (today) I called in again, and got the same run around as before, initial CS rep clueless and baffled, asked about the help ticket # I was assigned, "Mr. Greg, we do not have a ticket in our system with that number, when did you call about this issue again?", I paused and stated "this is my second time dealing with this issue, can you tell me why I should keep your service instead of switching to another company?".... Blank silence for about 5 seconds on their end then this retention gem spilled out, "but Mr. Greg you can still continue to ENJOY our voice service and 3G coverage", this time I hung up the phone.

This is the end, the month is up on Sunday and I no longer care, the 3G service is horribly, painfully, dreadfully slow and 1x is actually the same speed, 4G is apparently no longer something that VM cares to deal with even though it is their main source of advertising for data plan sales gimmicks. I have the most expensive non-international calling plan they offer and pay an additional $15/month for the hotspot. Stay away from VM save up for 3 months and go with Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. This company truly does not care about their customers in any way after you purchase the handset and start paying

Monetary Loss: $299.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #744660

There was a post about this on Howard forums a while back. Seems Virgin really botched their end of the deal.

A sure way to lose customers by simply denying them the service they wanted to begin with and then lying or simply doing whatever it takes to get them off the phone with customer service. chances are it will not be resolved, their tech support and customer service simply does not care :eek sorry!

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