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I paid over $100 for a wireless USB adapter which enabled me to get 300MB for $20/month. I calculated that was a good deal because I was going to use it for my office computer only sporadically, and not more that 300MB.

After a few months non-use, I needed to reload again. VM changed the plans! Now I have to pay $40/month (unlimited) or a ridiculously useless $10 good for only 10 days.

The reason I forked over $100 was because I figured an occasional $20 was worth it. Now my cost has doubled.

And all VM has to say is they discontinued the plan!

It doesn't truelly cost them anything to grandfather current customers into the plan, obviously they don't care about that. That would have been the proper thing to do.

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Very recently Virgin Mobil offers $40 month

unlimited internet with NO data cap.

So..... buy their $79 USB mobile internet device, buy card, and okay, is initially as they say.

Guess what! Surprise! In less than thirty days they change their plan. Now have 5GB data cap.

Oh, still got "unlimited" internet, they just Sloooooooow you down after you reach that 5GB.


The up-side is not locked into any two year plan, is still one of the better deals though maybe not best now.

Down-side is feel suckered and Cricket offers "Unlimited" for $30.00 month (1GB data cap) and their device is $30.

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