I purchased a mifi broadband device from virgin mobile 3 weeks ago. I have called customer service 6 times on two occasions they said they called me, but that never happened.

I have never seen such poor customer service and such a lack of knowledge about the product in my life. I will take my device which I really wanted back for a return. The call center is out of Mexico and nobody knows what they are talking about. The first customer service person was making fun of me because he said I was funny!

I have called call centers in India and never had this problem.

I am sad for the poor customers who have to deal with such incompetence.

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Also purchased a BB2Go Overdrive Pro device. Although, currently it does NOT WORK.

Has error codes of 900 and 67. Which VMU tech support gurus tell me is a known widespread (possibly a virus, as mentioned by Dexter, TS Supervisor for their CARE group. Executives are worried because their is NO known solution for the problem and it is spreading throughout Sprint/VMU devices.

If you own one, be aware it's not IF, but when these codes will come home to roost. So, if you're thinking about going Sprint/VMU broadband mobile devices, DON'T...if you value your own money and time.

Eustis, Florida, United States #707378

:( :( I have had Virgin Mobile Broadband (struggling with the service for years) and it has finally gotten so bad...I can do my toenails between screen changes...if I can get on the internet at all. I have called and called and called. Was told same old ***....but now I have an escalation on my terrible service. So today I start with my my websites and slow or no service.

What I think this company has done is sold a product that it can not deliver. I know they use Sprint Towers...so who is responsible if the towers have a problem???? It is almost like there are brown out periods....you get to use and then you are cut down and someone sharing the system gets to use. How is a company allowed to sell a service they can not provide.

They have been taking my money (along with how many others) for a long time and just keep selling this ***.

Does anyone know how I would be able to contact the FCC and perhaps a class action suit against this company. I guess I would start with the State Attorney's Office here in Florida...They don't play around with these bad companies!!!!


how can i repay virgin for such *** up service?


I've had the exact same problem. I was always told "wait 72 hours, the problem will be fixed".

Also, after I called the customer service (one of the dozens of times), they did something with the channel to my device. It worked GREAT after! A couple hours later, it was back to no signal at all. When I called back to the call center, they told me I was also in an area with a weak signal.

I asked them "How can I have a great signal one minute, and no signal the next? Your coverage map shows me in green 3G area, what's the deal?" ..To which, I could get no answer also. Since then, I use the Create-a-wifi app on my Palm phone.

It's a little more expensive, but I don't have a connection problem. I do NOT recommend Virgin Mobile Broadband-2-Go, for the same reasons as you.


My mifi worked for a couple of months with minimum irritation and long waits on hold to reach someone in tech support. Then it started to need resetting every time I used it.

The replacement they sent would never work and there were repeated problems with them "finding" the returned one and email threats to turn off my service. I limped along with the old one for a while and finally got fed up. I sent a detailed complaint letter to Virgin Mobile and 2 months later got told that there would be no refund of any kind. What looked like a money saver turned out to cost me in the long run because I have had to go to another broadband service for travel and buy a different product from the new provider.

By the way, Sprint now owns Virgin Mobile USA and they are impossible to deal with. My goal is to tell my story to everyone so that no one else will waste money on a MiFi.


My Virgin Mobile Broad Band to go worked for a couple of months, but now the connection is speed is so slow that it's useless. Pages do not load.

Help line was long, torturous waits followed (on good days) by incompetent tech support. Do use use Virgin Mobile broad band to go.


Virgin Mobile is a band aid solution for other wise no service by Comcast and outrageous charges by Sprint Broadband. First, data is transported at an extremely slow rate.

Second, the service drops 3 to 4 times a day, whereby you have to reset the modem, and lastly, it is hit or miss for sending out email through an outgoing server. Sometimes it sends after a few minutes, but often it hangs, and time limits out. I purchased the device with month to month service plan. I will determine if there is an alternative, but I plan to return this Virgin to Best Buy before the 30 day "kick the tire"period is up.

I will just be out $40 for this sporadic service. This is not a long term solution for dependable service.

After reading all the other comments - I won't even bother wasting my time or breath calling their aparently useless customer service. :eek


Do you see the new policy, they will lower your speed under 256K after 5 gigs of usage on your unlimited plan. If you think Virgin Is awsome, think twice before loosing your money with them


1. I purchased a Virgin Mobile Broadband-2-Go USB device in December of 2010. I get a medium-strength signal, but it's a fast 3G connection (EVDO Rev. A) most of the time, occasionally slipping to 1XRTT (slow) for brief periods, but otherwise everything is great.

2. About 2 weeks ago (January 2011), the EVDO signal by and large disappears, leaving me with 1XRTT (2G – slow) most of the time. Nobody at Virgin Mobile tech support (located in Manilla, Phillipines, by the way) knows why, but suggest that I may live in a weak signal area. (NOTE: The coverage map shows a strong 3G signal at my location)

3. I purchase an external antenna and amplifier to boost the signal. All this does is boost the 1XRTT (slow) signal to 4 bars. Good strong signal, but it's not the 3G signal. Very slow internet speed. Download measured at 44Kbs, roughly dial-up speed. By now I no longer see the 3G EVDO signal at all.

4. Virgin Mobile runs me through the usual drill (reboot the PC, re-program the modem, etc.) every tine I call. Nothing works. The send me another USB device. It arrives by FedEx, but makes no difference.

5. Virgin Mobile tech support starts inventing possible causes (trees, neighbor's antenna stealing my signal), but no solutions. They open an “investigation”, and guarantee there will be a solution in 24-72 hours.

6. I wait 72 hours and call them. “The investigation is still in progress. No solution yet. Call back.” I call back several times over the next two days, each time I'm told, “Rest assured, the problem will be fixed. We just need a little extra time.” When I ask, “How much?”, they have no answer.

7. Virgin Mobile, when pressed, finally informs me that the “investigation” was never initiated, and that it was “overlooked”. They offer to open another “investigation”. I start to lose my cool. They offer to send me yet another USB device. At this point they're clearly guessing.

8. I call them this morning, and they tell me that the problem seems to be their network, not my USB device. I inform them that I told them this 2 weeks ago, and that I used to work in the electronics field, and they are not troubleshooting – they are guessing. I tell him I want to close my account, and get a refund,because I'm no longer receiving the advertized 3G service. He tells me to wait until February 15th, because Virgin Broadband is upgrading their system from 3G to 4G, and that should fix my problem. I tell him that it can't fix my problem, because I already had 3G and nobody knows why it's gone now. I asked him how he can “guarantee” that this upgrade will fix my problem if he doesn't even know what caused the problem to occur in the first place. He had no answer, except to repeat the same nonsense about the system being upgraded on February 15th and this definitely will fix the problem. I repeated to him that he can't possibly tell me that, since nobody knows why the problem is there in the first place, so he has no way of knowing what effect the upgrade will have, if any.

9. Tech support hangs up on me after they realize that their canned responses are no match for simple logic.

10. Conclusion: If you know how to change a light bulb, you know more about technology that Virgin Mobile tech support.


Oh, well. They must have listened to your complaint, as now their calls go to India.

But the incompetence continues, and I have spent days and hours each day attempting to get resolution of an error that they made that will potentially run me over $100. Count yourself fortunate for having gotten out when you did.

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