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I want to share my experience with Virgn Mobile. In late September 2010, I lost my Virgin Phone in Orlando. I called up Virgin, told them what happened, the phone was disconnected and my phone number put on hold. So far no problem, right?

A few days later I am back in town and I go to buy a new phone to reconnect to the same service. Virgin won't let me do it. I get keep being told I have to up grade my phone to get the service back. When I keep telling them I have purched the exact same phone, please conenct me, I am told no, I have to up grade. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I get told the same thing. I tell them sorry, I am not upgrading my phone, and they tell me to get lost.

I then hear fom someone in the Executive Complaint deartment and I am told well, just because it says it is the same phone, it is really not the same phone and how they in the Executive Complain department have had to straighten this mess out before. I say well that's nice, but I am still not going to upgrade my phone. Frankly I think I am getting a *** and bull story to cover their track because I told them I am sending this one to the Attorney General of Florida as a case of consumer fraud. I still have no service.

I tell you avoid this place like the plague

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Buffalo, Illinois, United States #213890

There is no customer service with this company. I have called their customer service about ten times now.

About 60% of the time, the outsourced rep can not understand me or I can not him/her due to the heavy accent or their lack of english ability. As if that wasn't enough, even if you can understand each other, the rep do not know how to resolve anything. I've been told that they can't connect me to technical service because they don't have the capability (hope you never run into technical issues with them). I've also been told that there is no supervisor working at the time, several times.

I've been told that they can't figure out the bill nor do they really try to figure out the issue. They aren't really there to help you. And oh yes, I have been hung up on three out of the ten times. I've been nothing but nice and thorough when calling them, but they are the worst.

I'm a auditor and I really wish I could audit this company. There is something really wrong with how this company is managing itself.

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