I have been with Virgin Mobile for 6 months and have been very pleased, until now. I feel it is in bad taste to continue advertising data service as "unlimited" .

I topped up last month on April 5th... Within 10 minutes of topping up I received an email informing me that my data speeds would be reduced until May 5th. "Reduced" is a joke. Their email should have said "You will have no data, just error messages".

I was so impressed with VM prior to their "up-grade" now, I feel taken advantage of and will no longer give them my free advertising (my word of mouth).

In my opinion... VM has chosen join the long line of "screw the consumer" bullies.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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It seems like you use a lot of data and are losingabout it. I stream music all day all month and iI never have gotten throttled. You must be downloading gigabytes of movies or some to ng

to Anonymous #742825

I do stream music approx 4 hrs per day & also

use my mobile data to

access search engines several times a day. No movie

or large file downloads.

Since posting the above I have not experienced

the same problem. Seems the problem may have been

a glitch due to the upgrade. Unsure. Customer service

did fix the problem BUT it took some time & like the 20

viewers who flagged my post as "***" they were also quick

to disregard my complaint & assumed I was full of it.

Until the reviewed my account activity which didn't lie. In the

end VM corrected the problem.

Akron, Ohio, United States #650335

I tried several times to make payments for my VG Mobile, it will not take payment through auto pay at all I'm fed up with these non speakN English foreigners I'm just going to let it be disconnected and find some other service. VGMOBILE U SUCK!!!!

I hope there will be a law suite towards them for ripping off consumers.....

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