I decided to finally switch carriers, due to dropped calls by Virgin mobile. I learned that Virgin Mobile has a policy that they will keep any money left in your account when you cancel your service.

They do not refund a positive balance. I made the mistake of putting money into the top-off account. I paid my bill with a credit card on the recurring charge method. Every month Virgin automatically got their $58.

The money that was in the Top-Off was left in there, (was never used to off-set the monthly charge of $58). This went on for approximately 18 months or so. The $13.90 that was in the Top-Off just stayed in there, as though it were in a bank account. I assumed that the money belonged to me, since I was the one who put the money in the Top-Off, but today when I switch carriers I called Virgin and asked that they refund the $13.90 to me and they informed me that I had lost that money.

They said that I should have applied that $13.90 to my monthly bill before I cancelled. I informed them that my monthly bill was paid by a recurring credit card charge and that I had no input on how much was charged to the credit card. Virgin set the amount charged to the credit card. They said it makes no difference, they were keeping the money.

I spoke to 2 Virgin representatives, one of which was a supervisor. Same response, we are keeping your $13.90. So I guess that Virgin thinks that they can keep money that does not belong to them. My bill was always paid on time and the $13.90 was left in the account in case I wanted to purchase extras from Virgin, like ringtones.

According to Virgin once you deposit it in your Virgin account you do not get it back. So not only did I have to put up with dropped calls I now have to put up with the fact that Virgin is stealing my $13.90. This company sucks.

Anybody wanting to do business with them should beware. Once a thief, always a thief.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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I had the same experience today. It's not the small amount of money, but the principle!

I'm sending an email to State Attorney General and moving on. Good riddance VM!


That's how the 1% got to the top.


they are robers


I just came across this post I made over a year ago. I'm not sure what I was whining about.

Who cares about $13.90. Besides, that's just how it works.

They didn't steal my money, I just didn't read or understand the contract. I think I was on drugs when I made this post.


to Anonymous San Leandro, California, United States #1217671

I don't know man... I just cancelled next month's service with their online tool.

The money I paid didn't get refunded to my credit card, rather they refunded the $50 to my "top up account".

It seems pretty scammy to me. With any other carrier, pre-paid or otherwise ...

if I cancel my service that I paid for with a credit card they refund the money to my credit card ... not some "account balance" that likely gets dumped eventually.


I had a similar issue with them where they took my money. I had run out of anytime minutes and wanted to restart my monthly plan so I could get all the minutes back.

I accidentally topped-up instead. Realizing this, I refunded the money and then found the option to pay my bill. It restarted my monthly bill, which was fine. I was able to make calls after that.

Then, two days later they charged my account again for my phone bill stating that I had auto pay. I contacted them, trying to get a refund. They told me that I didn't have enough money in my top-up account (even though I took that money out and paid the bill) and had apparently used minutes, 80 of them. I contacted them again and they continued to state that I used all of those minutes, therefore taking money out of my account.

I checked my account and now the refund button is missing.

I had the ability before to take the money out of my balance, not I can't. They are terrible.

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