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I am an 8-year customer of Virgin Mobile with a prepaid no contract calling plan. I setup an automatic top-up payment option whenever balance falls below $5 or once every 90 days by using a credit card.

In June 2010 I occasionally checked my account and found there was a $9.99 fraud charge with a code of "XTRAS". I contacted customer service, they refunded me as air time and promised to block further charge by this code. Now, in December 2010, I checked my account again and found there was the same charge on the same day in November and December. Since the account history only can track 60 days record, I don't know how much money had been charged by this fraud charge.

I have been treating Virgin Mobile as a bank, thought my money in its account should be safe. Now, I know my money in Virgin Mobile account is not safe, I request closing my account and refunding me the current balance.

Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile declined to refund my full balance, I had to donate the rest of my balance to Virgin Mobile and close my account immediately. I wonder how long Virgin Mobile can survive if it cannot protect its customers from frauds.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have had at least seven (7) Samsung Intercept replacement phones because of problems with that model through Virgin Mobile. Finally they sent me a LG Touch replacement phone. That replacement phone had issues and they sent me another one. That replacement phone was no good neither and they sent me a brand new LG Optimus Slider in the box that had never been opened. The next thing I know is my phone service was cut off because they claim they had not received my broke phone back. They said the tracking number can't be located on the USPS website tracking and they do not show receiving it back. Thank God that I made a copy of the labeled envelope because I have learned that their Prepaid envelope label did not contain valid tracking numbers. The USPS Delivery Confirm numbers do not have enough numbers and because of it, will not show any information on the usps website, nor can it be tracked because of the invalid numbers claiming to be USPS Delivery Confirm with a bar code. Upon further investigation I learned that one number was missing, not enough numbers for a legit USPS Delivery Confirmation Number. Upon further investigation, I have learned that none of the prepaid labels they have sent me had valid tracking numbers, they All were invalid, missing one (1) number causing it to NOT be able to be scan for tracking.

Note: The prepaid envelopes ALL show from:

Plainfield Return Center

Suite 190

2675 Reeves Road

Plainfield, IN 46168

The Postal Service clerk explained that the package would still be send to the from address.

How is it that ALL the prepaid labels from Virgin Mobile to me have one missing number causing the package to be unable to be tracked? This is U.S. Mail Fraud! These phones have all been sent back with me having the false security that they were able to be tracked.

My phone has been off for a week and they told me they would have to have the phone before my service is turned back on or I would have to pay $199.00 for the phone to have my service cut back on. I have a copy of the label and have recorded the numbers of several other envelopes I have sent back. I believe they are attempting to force me to pay for the new LG Optimus Slider phone in a underhand fraudulent manner.

I refuse to pay them $199.00 because they claim they have not received the broke phone back. My warranty is good for 1 year expiring April 2012 for replacement at no cost for any reason lost or broken.

I would suggest making a copy of any return envelope that Virgin Mobile send to you at the Post Office and then have the clerk stamp your copy showing that the package was accepted by them. They have my phone number which I had transferred to them and can't get the phone number back until they turn my phone back on. If my service is not back on within 24 hours, I will seek legal help.


I thought I bought insurance and the payment was being taken out of my account but when I went to make a claim, they said I don't have insurance. They said I had to remember to pay them. Jerks


I just moved,and I never recceived my cell phone from assurance wireless . Assurance sent it out but once again I did not recceive my phone . So can you please get back in touch with me as soon as possible !

Rovato, Lombardy, Italy #232734

The same thing happened to me. But they were not fraud charges.

These are charges from other companys that send you text message services, ex. dating service.

I had to search the sms code online and found the company, then disputed the charge with the company. Basically, someone had to agree to these charges on your phone when you were not looking if it wasnt you.

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