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Virgin Mobile can *** me. Here's my story...

Buy a Rumor Touch. Sad to find that it was crammed with bloatware and restrictions. Service is just plain horrible. This goes with Sprint, too. I live in Bend, Oregon, 80,000 population. I live close to town. My friends with Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile get great service around town but not me. I think I saw full bars maybe once.

Suddenly, I get no service whatsoever. I found that my phone had an antenna port (which the virgins told me was an "accessory port" behind the battery cover. I found a copper wire in my garage and stick it in the port, through the speaker holes on the battery cover, and taped to the back of the phone. I get service again. All is well.

Then, one day, I stopped getting internet. I called customer support..uhum...i mean Alex, my virtual advisor. Takes a while to get through him but eventually I get someone on the line. I could hardly hear the person, and the accent was extremely heavy. This is normal for them, trust me. I'm told to power cycle and reprogram the phone. Doesn't work, she tells me that tech support will contact me. They never did. I called back in a week and they had me do the same thing again. This same thing repeated three times (3 weeks), and I was getting mad.

To make matters worse, I called back after the third week and said "Put me on the line to tech support NOW" so I'm transfered and I get better call quality and not so heavy of an accent. yay! But guess what? Tech support tells me to POWER CYCLE! I explain that I'd already done that 4 times, but that didn't matter. I had to reprogram and power cycle once AGAIN. Once that didn't work, (shocker), the lady told me that they were working on it, and would call me in 5 days. 5 days later, no call. But, i get a text. Telling me to POWER CYCLE THE PHONE! Luckily, it did give me a number that went straight to the tech support.

Around this time I stopped receiving text messages. No joke, all I could do was call.

So i called tech support once again, they told me to call back in 3 days. 3 days latter, I call back. They tell me they are still working on it, and for now I should POWER CYCLE THE PHONE. I refuse to do it, and the person told me that they needed to figure out if it was a phone problem or a service problem. I was furious. It's a problem with your FREAKING SERVICE!!! He told me they might send me a new phone. I decided to live with that, because maybe a new phone would be new in their system, and I wouldn't have my redneck antenna. He tells me to call back in 3 days.

I call back in 3 days, I'm told to...guess what...POWER CYCLE THE FREAKING PHONE. After they lady says this, I hear someone else in the background slam the phone and yell, "Ryan just received a compliment for Virgin Mobile!!!!!!" and everyone starts hearing. I ask the lady, "what are you celebrating about?" and she says, "oh, Ryan received a compliment." shows you how much they get, they throw a party every time. anyways, the lady tells me to call back in 3's obvious they are holding/ripping me off!!!!!! I told her that was it and she needed to cancel my service.

Btw, I had just talked to Ryan the other day. He was the friendliest of them all, but was still not helpful worth a ***.

Just don't even think about getting VM. Trust me, I'm saving you from 2 months of being on the phone with complete idiots. DON'T.

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Here's the rundown of my experience with them. Copy Paste from a forum:

First post:

So I got a smartphone recently (FINALLY) from the Virgin Mobile network. The Phone is a Kyocera Rise. got this phone because it didn't cost me my life and it has a QWERTY keyboard (I REALLY need that). So I get service activated and everything works fine while in El Paso Texas. I get to my home region later that night (100 miles southeast of El Paso) only to find no service. That was July 3rd. Called them about it on the 5th. They told me the tower was getting upgraded and service would be restored by the 9th. The 9th rolls by and STILL NO SERVICE! Call them again. Tech department screwed something up and it would be the 15th when they fixed it. 15th rolls around and still no service. Call again and told the problem is rather big so restore date pushed to the 22nd. That rolled by and guess what? STILL NO *** SERVICE!!! I called them back like 10 minutes ago and was told they expect to be back on by tomorrow the 25th. What you wanna bet it won't be back?

At least they got my pissed off rant documented and promised to credit me for the service outage period. They better if they want to keep me on their customer list. I'm about ready to dump them for something else that works and is no contract. If they don't have service restored by tomorrow, I'm dumping them for something else. This is their 3rd chance. 3 strikes and they're out.

Last post:

So I called Virgin Mobile tech back today to see about that service outage. they're up in the town I'm outside of. I still have no service. They check my address again and say I'm covered. So I go check my address on their coverage map. Their map is wrong on my location. I live 30 miles north of the location they show. My TRUE location is out of their range. I talk to 4 different people and it goes something like this:

Me: "Your map is wrong. I live 30 miles north of where you show my address at. That location is not covered."

Them: "But our maps show your address is covered."


They finally get me over to the department that cancels service. After going through that conversation again they cancel my service. So I then ask them about getting refunded for the service outage from the day I signed up and was promised a refund complete with a recording of conversation and a note on my account. They say it's not gonna happen. Too bad. I ask them what about the lie of my location being covered when both that and where my address are wrong. I get told sorry they can't do anything for that.

That's when I lost my *** and cussed them out so hard I'm sure even a sailor would have his jaw hanging. Then I hung up.

*** Virgin Mobile to *** and back...


Very agreed. I got the Optimus V.

Horrible everything. The service is awful, awful, awful. I'd be better just sticking my head out of the window and yelling at people. I can't get service for s***.

I live in a town of around 100,000, real close to two towns of around 100,000 people. It doesn't matter where Im at. Im always walking around like an *** with my phone in the air trying to find a connection. Internet?

HAHA! Don't even think about the internet! 3G my ***! You can't do anything on the web.

Just loads and loads and loads......Horrible. I despise calling up there. You have to listen to this *** clown Alex for 5 mins. As soon as I hear him I just press 0 a bunch of times.

Then I get some ***, that has no idea how to speak english or do their job. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING! QUIT LYING YOUR NAME IS NOT "MARY"!!!!! I hate Virgin Mobile.

Despise it. One of the worst companies, and I don't mean just compared to other cell phone companies. They should be ranked as one of the worthless companies ever to go down into history. I would be so terrified to fly on their airplanes.

Some random pilot who I could barely understand would probably say he's powering down the airplane, or run out of fuel or something.

Never, never, never go with Vrigin Mobile....STAY AWAY!!! You will only waste time and money.


Virgin mobile gave me the run around when I was laid up with a broken foot and my phone was all I had 2 communicate I had a roumor touch I bought at best buy with a 2 year warrenty the first three months were fine until suddenly I could place a call or recive a call then I lost my texting the next day so I brought it back 2 best buy and they told me that it was a service issue and all they gave me was a trouble ticket and told me 2 call them in 4 days long story short I got taken 4 a total of a hundred and sixtie bucks worth of minutes I had pre purchesed that were non refundable what a joke!!


Hello there, we are sorry to hear the issues you are having with your handset. Please send us an email at for further assistnace. ^ER


I'm just now realizing I shouldn't have bought this *** phone...Depending on the day, I can't receive or send texts, and even though I'm paying for it, my internet NEVER works, and the people at customer service are a bunch of TOOLS. If Alex was real, I would kick his ***.

Kinda pissed because I just bought a rumor touch for the minnesota area, and it sucks almost worse than straight talk does!!

You can call outside the US, but you don't have the ability to install apps...I figured it would be better than straight talk, because virgin mobile actually has a touch screen, but it goes to show you that appearance isn't everything. Not using this service again, if I can help it.

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