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Well... I'm actually on the phone with them right now.

I wanted to lower my cost as I'm going out of the country for awhile and barely use my cell, I still wanted to keep my number. Tried to have my number ported on Friday and two days later I've discovered that they not only 'ported' that number they immediately lost it. So a number that I've had for 10 years is gone just like that because the people at this company apparently don't know what the *** they're doing. To make matters worse I have to take it "there" but now I remember WHY I didn't want to choose them in the first place, no one in their customer service department seems to speak clear english.

I can/could never understand a *** thing they're saying and I'm speak four languages!

Anyways stay away I guess I learned a bad lesson.

Unfortunately it had to come at the expensive of loosing my number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

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Redding, California, United States #579094

i had the same thing happen to me today iam so pissed off anyone know how to contact their us corporate number?


ive tried to take my old number to virgin and thay have given it to a lady on the other side of the country . now she has lost her number and i have lost mine this is blatant stupidity . then wen you call to sort it out nobody can understan a word of english .fukc virgin


Yes I 'understand' what you meant... And no I don't believe in God but if I did I'd still make the same comment. But as the previous person said, what's God have to do with it?

Do you work for the company Ronald? Because you seem to be taking my comments personal to be honest.

Look I blame Virgin and their customer service team for loosing my number simply because they could not understand/comprehend English on a level that would have prevented the loss of the number. I'm in America and as such want interaction with CSR who do not have such harsh accents I have to ask multiple times what they said. I also would like for them to have a level of comprehension.

If they were Americans who spoke with accents, no problem. Living in America and speaking with an accent doesn't mean you don't comprehend the nuances of English. When Virgin outsources to foreign countries this is lost and well you get what I and many others have gotten.

And you should really reread my statement above in regards to the rest of your comment, as I said, I've lived all over the world, speak four languages fluently and am proficient in three additional ones. When Im in a country, I make it my duty to learn the language from a native so that I can speak, comprehend and understand like a native.


Ronald, when we have a problem and call a corporate call center, we expect to work with a Service Rep who speaks our language properly and is understandable. I agree with Moonunit's experience.

Virgin Mobile doesn't care about its customers anymore.

Don't chide us as we complain truthfully. God doesn't have anything to do with the Call Center.


I know that you're upset with the company and l have pass thru that severals time with other company , but you should not take it so personal and put the blame on the way the advisors them speak, remember each one of us have a different nation and a different language you don't know when or where you gonna be today or tomorrow and you may be worst accepted by the way you try to talk other language or step into their country, if you believe in God , you will never make this kind og comments aboutother that are human like yourself, thank you if you understand what l meant.

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