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I bought the Virgin Mobile Mifi Broadband2Go Device about a year ago, and it was pretty bad to begin with. After a few days of random disconnection, the device seemed to normalize. A couple months later, the device began to disconnect again. I'd decided to put up with it for a little longer.

One day i was using the device, and picked it up while it was on, it burned my hand!!! I used an infrared thermometer to take the temperature. The Mifi device was 140º!!! I decided to only use the device when I absolutely had to.

A while later, I started to use the Mifi device regularly. It seemed to work great for once!.. Well that lasted about 3 weeks. Then it started getting hot, and disconnecting again. I was fed up with this.

I called Tech Support, and told the lady what happened. (First off, I'm not racist.) But it would be nice of the company to acknowledge the fact that I selected English as my language. I was patched through (after 20 min. on hold) to a woman with a heavy spanish accent... She hardly understood what I said, and barely even cared!

She finally told me that they would send me a new device in the mail. My problems were finally solved(so I thought)...

When I received the new device I called Tech Support to have them walk me through the set-up... I told the man that I had a Mac and needed to set up my new Mifi... The guy gave me instructions to set this up for Windows98!!! I had to literally set the thing up on my own!

Now that I have the new device it's even worse my old one!!! I would never do business with these people again... I hate their personel, their products, and even their commercials. It's a wonder to me that the government gave these people a business license... ;(

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I use the MiFi occasionally when traveling. It mostly works just fine.

Sometimes when I turn it on far from the last place it was used, 500 mi or so, I need to reprogram it. The speed varies from what was advertised to poor, but it sure beats nothing. I guess it's a 1.0 product and would get the 4G if I really had to depend on it. Also, you don't need to have been on the $40/5 Gig plan continuously to stay on it.

You can stay on it after months of inactivity as long as it was the last plan you had and you choose it again.

It could be better but I like it. BTW the person who spoke to me to reactivate spoke english and was very friendly and competent.


My situation is very similar to the above reviewer's experience. Disconnects, rerouting and infuriating runarounds by the telephone robot and advisors, inept and rude advisors, tricky tactics to take more of your money after they disconnect you, it goes on and on.

Worthless service. Big rip off!

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