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I started a simple phone number change which ended with my phone not recognized by their network.I tried reactivating, manually reprogramming the phone, moving to a similar phone to no avail. I've sent 8 emails about the problem with NO response. I've done this in the past 4 years after getting too many sales calls and wrong number calls. Even with reactivating it should have been resolved myself in less than an hour. Despite resetting,...
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I didn't like
  • Extremely long wait times with lies
Stayed in hold for HOURS, I lyrics to be told that they didn't have the account number. Tried emailing them..... Promised a reply in 24 hours. 4 DAYS later, they couldn't give me an account number. Finally gave up, told us cellular I would be ok with a new #, and activated them. THEN tried to cancel virgin mobile. IMPOSSIBLE. Took it off my credit card, and let it fester for two months so they'd finally cancel it. ISN'T THIS...
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I have virgin mobile, and I feel highjacked by them. I paid $100.00 for there smart phone that cannot be used anywhere else. I've had the service for $35.00 per month plus tax, for a total of 39.95. after 3 months of service they blocked my voicemail unless I agree to pay another 2.99 per month. That's not much, but this is something that was not told at the time I signed up. I just feel that it's dishonest. If I knew this up front I might...
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