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The one good thing I can say about Virgin Mobile is the service itself (good signal and connection) is excellent in most urban areas, and very affordable.

Their customer service and accounting, however, is atrocious. It's hard to tell how much is incompetence and how much is sheer corruption, but there is definitely a lot of both going on.

Typically, rollover minutes would mysteriously vanish from my account, leaving me unable to place outgoing calls when I need to.

Online account records are sparse and inconsistent, the numbers do not add up, and their internal accounting records don't go far enough to account for lost minutes.

You call customer service and are immediately confronted with the most obnoxious voice-mail system known to humanity. A system that is designed to ignore your responses and avoid contact with live advisors at all cost. And disconnect you.

After the typical 3-4 calls and 20 minutes of yelling at dysfunctional voice-mail, lucky customers get through to a live advisor, who in turn talks in circles, lies, and dispenses incorrect information and faulty advice. If you ask to talk with a supervisor, the supervisors are never present or available, you're stuck with the incompetent, dishonest, unsupervised customer service ***.

The customer service-*** initiates an "investigation ticket" to find out what happened to my rollover minutes, and I never get the followup call.

After a month, I place my own followup call, go through another 15-20 minutes of dysfunctional voice-jail and robo-hangups. I get another customer service ***. Have to explain everything over again. Twice. The "investigation" investigated something entirely unrelated to problem and yielded no results. Back to square one.

They gave me another answer that answered nothing. Then they gave me another customer service number for specialist. A number that turned out to be fake.

So I have to place ANOTHER call, another 15-20 minutes if dysfunctional voice-mail complete with robo-hangups. Another 10 minutes explaining the situation a third time, and customer service *** #3 tried to tell me I had to pay a fee for them to check their records. When I said that was unacceptable, they assigned a new investigation. Thanks to their delays and lack of notice, it is now 8 months since they lost those rollover minutes. I have no confidence in followup.

They DID comp me 50 minutes, which is probably enough to cover the lost rollover time, but it didn't fix the problem, and took me over 2 hours phone time arguing with them to get that 50 minutes back.

In an unrelated incident, another customer service *** gave bad info about custom ringtones that resulted in unauthorized charges to my account, and when I found out about these charges, Virgin would do NOTHING to correct account or reverse charges.

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Virgen Mobile charge me twice on July 13th for the amounts of $45's each I asked if they could return one of the charges and all they did was give me the run around treated me like I was either *** or an *** or lie to me and just continue to try to trick me these calls where done on July 13th, 14th, and 15th. So I started a charge back(on July 16th) and when I got my money back through my credit card they suspended my account. Now I have to buy a $45 top up card and they'll un-suspend me (as if it was an extortion fee) and then they'll let me use my phone again. They want those $45's that they stole from me so bad it's ridiculous fine you'll them I give up there is no way of talking to your company.

By the way the phone calling is ok most of the time text messages are good unless you have a garbage android phone(since they run out of storage memory) and finally the internet is extremely slow or not existent three months into the service; this is my personal experience.

But until further notice to Virgin; "The Poundings Will continue until Morale Improves"

to Raul Perez Pembroke, Ontario, Canada #595982

they charged my credit card 2 times this january on the same day 1 was for renewing my contract . they other they said it was a top off, they refused to credit my visa , they tell me it will be good for a credit on next month renewal, they joke is i want out from dealing with them.time foe that secure feeling , gonna sue them in small claims my # 613-401-36 if they want to suspend go ahead


I was with virgin mobile (australia) until a few days ago, when they claimed I had gone over my 300 MB data limit, strangely they claimed I went over by 300 MB. This is simply untrue as I use a program called netmeter and the logs show I had used 250MB or so for the billing month and at this stage I purchased a "value add" for 2 GB for $20 dollars. I never use the internet on my phone, I only use it as a back up on my computer.

They turned off my service and claimed I owed them $600 dollars (0.2c / kb excess data usage)

Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood for being blatantly scammed so I wrote a letter to the telco ombudsman here in australia.

Virgin rang back, they denied they had made any error even though I stated my case and noted it was strange that the charge was for exactly 300MB excess data. I stated that I had purchased the data upgrade at 250 MB which came from the logs on my computer which could only have been in excess of my true usage due to netmeter logging internal network activity etc.

Their manner was completely rude, the indonesian or whatever nationality the lady was constantly said uhuh, ahuh, etc in the most condescending manner possible while I was explaining they had made a mistake.

The denied it, so I just ended up yelling at them and telling them to cancel my account. She said in the most disgustingly smarmy voice "Your number will be recycled in our system and you won't be able to transfer it", I said fine, cancel my account, have a nice day.

Don't sign up with these rip off artists, EVER.

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