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Beware of the confusing "top up" account feature at Virgin Mobile! I bought a phone, a 100 minute talk plan for $14.95 per month, and unlimited texting for $19.95 with the second month free for my daughter.

When my second month came up, without notifying me, I saw a constant stream of charges on my account. I emailed them, asking where my free month was. They ignored the question. Before I knew it, they said I owed $700!

They had unilaterally cancelled my unlimited texting because I didn't have enough in the top off account--even though they had my credit card number and had no problem charging me hourly. They have refused all attempts I have made at a reasonable settlement.

They are bad news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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All these sob stories about VM being a ripoff - whereas you people are the ones who made the mistakes and didn't pay attention.


I've had to major rip-off's from Virgin mobile:

1) I was on post-paid and I went over my internet usage without knowing. One day my mobile was just disconnected for some unknown reason. I called up and found out that I had a bill of close to $900 for going over my data usage. No warning or anything!

2) I recently cancelled my post-paid and went to pre-paid so I'd have more control. I called up to cancel my post-paid and the customer service rep told me to just top-up online. I did this for a few months, topping up whenever my balance gets low. I looked at my credit card and realised they've been charging me for auto-top up every time, even though I never activated it. So I was basically paying double what I expected.

Called and emailed them but they told me I've used it already and they can't do anything about it. I can't believe they can secretly charge people direct-debit and get away with it!

Hate Virgin Mobile now so I'm changing service providers. They really need to do something about their dodgy policies if they ever expect customers to come back.


I got charged 1500 dollars for leaving my cell phone on with operator when i left for vacation and forgot it at home. What a rip off company i called and they said they would give me 10 dollars on credit on the cellphone what a bunch of rip offs.


I called VM and paid $87 for 1 month of unlimited service. 5 days later my phone stops working and I call VM to fix it.

They tell me that since the call was dropped i didnt get the unlimited plan...I got 20 cents a minute instead.

But they had no problem charging my account even though i told the lady what i wanted and paid the exact amount. This company is a joke and its no wonder branson is so *** rich.


They arn't just ripping you off on your credit cards people, or on text messaging. I have printed out my "acct.

activity" on there website. I printed it out last night and this morning and I have proof that they altered my phone activity to make things balance out. They are thieves and if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against them. not the one for stocks.

I would appreciate any info you have. I am done with them, but i also want my money back for the 5 years I got screwed by them

Black River Falls, Wisconsin, United States #21664

I can only say that I am more than a little disappointed that Virgin Mobile engages in such underhanded tactics such as what I just experienced with my son's phone.

I purchased a phone for him at Christmas from Virgin Mobile with a pre-paid plan that I stated that I would top-up on my own, During the first 4 months he had the phone, he topped only once and in fact did not even use the initial $20 I put on his phone. However, he began using text messages and this is where the problem began. So even though I gave no access for Virgin Mobile to CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD and automatically top-up his phone, VIRGIN MOBILE began sending him "your balance is low. would you like to top-up?" text messages to my 13 year old son. Also I'd like to point out that Virgin Mobile is aware of his age as I signed him up with his birth date as the primary user.

So my THIRTEEN year old son begins getting these text messages to top-up his account, not me, the parent who owns the credit card, and he chooses OK. In fact the only time I'm notified that any activity is going on is when he changed his account status to automatic top-up online - at which time I received an e-mail from VIRGIN MOBILE 'thanking' me for switching to this - and which I immediately turned off BECAUSE I WANTED TO MONITOR HIS SPENDING.

Then the visa bill comes and it appears that not only did VIRGIN MOBILE send him one text message asking him to top up, but TWENTY ONE! And suddenly I am saddled with a bill of nearly $450 WHICH I NEVER AUTHORIZED, WAS NEVER SENT A RECEIPT FOR ANY OF THE TWENTY ONE CHARGES, NOR NOTIFIED THAT THERE HAD BEEN A DRASTIC CHANGE IN USAGE AND CHARGES!

So my wife promptly called Virgin Mobile's customer service who told her that she had to take more responsibility for her child (because apparently even though she was never told that Virgin Mobile was blatantly marketing to our child, on our child's phone and never to us, never alerting us that this marketing was being done or that CHARGES WERE BEING PLACED ON OUR CREDIT CARD, that she should somehow have known that this activity was occurring and should take responsibility for it). Mind you, my son is not getting off easy in the least and the first thing we did was cancel his phone, among a myriad of other punishments.

However, what gives VIRGIN MOBILE the right to make charges against my credit card of nearly FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS when I set the account as no auto top-ups? And do they think that sending notices to a 13 year old's phone, a phone they KNOW is to a teen, to top-up and then never informing the card owner, never sending a receipt for any of the twenty one charges, is ethical or even legal? Let alone that unlimited texting is all of $19.95 per month, yet VIRGIN MOBILE choose to charge me $450 for this service. Not to mention not a single word or e-mail or phone call that a sudden flurry of activity and charges are occurring against my account on my child's phone. It is deceptive and underhanded and we plan to fight the charges.

This is deceptive practices and needs to be stopped.

John Richelsen (FORMER Virgin Mobile account owner)

Berwick, Pennsylvania, United States #17370

My mother just got double-charged for a ringtone she didn't receive from Virgin. When it didn't download to her phone, I called Virgin.

Someone who didn't speak English well said he couldn't help us for four hours. I noticed that they helped themselves to the $2.50 charge immediately. When my mother called them the next morning, she was credited.

Within a few hours, she was charged again--for a ringtone she never received. We're still fighting it.

West Chester Township, Ohio, United States #17277

After taking money from my prepaid card Virgin Mobile also charged my bank. They have refused to issue a refund for the double charge, My bank did a fraud investigation and got my money back right away and now Vigin mobile has suspended my servive.

Remember they double charge me and now I can't use my phone and it was already paid for by a top up card. I am reporting them to as many agencies as I can for fraud.

Babahoyo, Los Rios Province, Ecuador #13969

Virgin Mobile has the worst possible customer service. I wanted to swap the old phone with new one , and I tried it on their website and it failed asking me to call their customer service.

Now, it is already 31 days later, after about 15 calls to their "live advisor" and talking to atleast 20 different folks, my account has been locked and unsable even with my old phone. For any email I send, they say it will be resolved in 24hrs and every time it is the same template email. They have neither fixed it nor told me that they can not fix it.

I returned the new phone because of 30day return policy and I don't have my emergency phone from past 30days. Now the top-up time is approaching, I am sure they will ask me to top-up without providing service from past 31 days.

Shame on Richard Branson's brand of Virgin that provides such a pitiful customer service.

Culbertson, Nebraska, United States #13761

What a *** company. Forget about using this phone for international calls. I have been trying for almost a month to contact a friend in London UK. The call will not go through. They keep telling me the problem is resolved but the call still wont go through.

The "help line" is more an excercise in frustration and futility. A *** "hip" automated voice system that will just hang up on you for no reason. When you finally do get a real human on the line they are less than useless.

I'm going to run out the minutes I already have on the phone, then it's straight into the trash!


Rumson, New Jersey, United States #12296

Beware of Virgin Mobile. For their no-contract phones which you have to activate

at least every 3 months with a top-off card, you often end up being cheated of time

because of the way they add activation time. Time is added to the date of when

you use the card rather than starting from the expiration date of the last card.

For example, what happened to me was that I bought 2 cards hoping to add 6 months.

But when I added them over 2 days, all that happened was that I got 3 months beyond

the date I used the 2nd card rather than 3 months beyond the expiration date of the

first. I felt ripped off. The only way to maximize activation time is to wait to

the last minute before adding the next card which is very risky to me. "Tracfone",

which does cost a little more, at least will add time after the current expiration date.

Be aware of this before you buy their phone.

Onalaska, Wisconsin, United States #11753

everything else is long distance from me. I can't even phone my cell without long distance charges if it's in my pocket and I'm sitting at home using my home phone. Plus, they're ***.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #7711

Virgin Mobile is THE worst phone company I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. I have had my daughter's phone with them for sometime and I will no longer use them...and I wish I could tell everyone I know not to use them.

The customer service is the absolute worst!! Poor english and not at all helpful. I have spent almost 5, yes literally 5, hours on the phone with customer service to get my service restored and it is still off. I have been disconnected, lied to and given the run around until I can't stand it any longer!!

I can't believe they are still in business operating like this. I have had no service for over a month, can't get it back on and can't get my money back. Their customer service is no service at all and are worthless!! I wouldn't recommend them to my own worst enemy!!!

Stay away!! :( :cry

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