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On 7/5/2013 my Virgin Mobile service was abruptly stopped with no notification. After spending over 30 minutes with customer service, I was transferred to tech support, then tech support supervisor informed me they were doing a tower software upgrade and service would be out for 24 hours.

Wrong! On 7/6 phone still not working, customer service still unaware of problem. Contacted tech support, was informed could be out of service for 72 hours or more. Unreal.

This is my business phone and my clients cannot contact me.

Can't even guess how much this is costing me. Sir Richard, please come back, they need you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

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Monticello, Indiana, United States #676669

Update on my Virgin Mobile Blackout. After calling 4 days in a row, and spending at least an hour on the phone each time talking to customer service/ customer service supervisors/tech support/tech support supervisors getting a different story each time.

Today, my forth day of no service, spoke to the highest ranking supervisor available. He told me that my service would not on until July 18th. This is after I'd been told originally it would 24 hours, then 72 hours, then 72 hours or more. Took my phone to Radio Shack to cancel my service only to have them pop my battery out while my phone was on and fix the problem.

What about the tower upgrades??

BS is what it has all been. They are as bad as Comcast!

Bellingham, Washington, United States #676640

The service has been going out for me since july 2, 2013. And goung in and out even right now as i comment i cant call or text anyone or recieve them. Really frustrated!!!!

to Anonymous Bryan, Ohio, United States #688542

Having the same trouble where I live. Too much virgin runaround. Ordered a verizon phone :x

Austin, Texas, United States #676228

Omg it is...TERRIBLE. Luckily i dont have to deal with that anymore but I'm in Texas and had the same problem with my phone.

It took over a month to resolve the issue after they repeatedly lied to me and said the service would be working by the next day. They suck at trouble shooting i called 3 days in a row and they had me re program my phone every time after i had already told them i did this already.

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