Pleasant Hill, Oregon

really tired of dealing with virgin mobiles overseas butt heads. ever since they took my account to 5 gb my system sucks.

i can not log on unless i use the and after several tries i get on. wish i could get my 250.00 back this really sucks. maybe try using an answering service in the u.s. that speak proper english.

i got your out sourcing butt heads.

i paid for a service and all i get is a headack. i call and wait 45 i am on my second call of 50 min and now 35 min.they suck.

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Johnson City, New York, United States #696743

This company is nothing but a pack of deceitful liars. they'll take your money and not credit your account and when you call them they say its your fault cause you didn't do a,b, or c.

if you have an account that has been active for months, why all of a sudden do you think I don't want what I am paying for. Virgin Mobile is nothing but a scam, unfair business practices should be prosecuted not protected by the supreme court!!!!!!!!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #689956

i was going to upgrade my virgin mobile account and handset but then decided to cancell the order. two days later virgin tells me it has then sent the handset and activated the account anyway!

WTF? the handset was sent to the wrong address, no photo id or id of any type requested by delivery guy and signed for by someone who is not the account holder!!!!! every policy and prodceedure to PREVENT identity theft IGNORED. thankfully ther person who signed for it gave me the handset package which i immediiately returned to postoffice to have returned to sender.

done problem solved. right? OH SO *** WRONG. three months later virgin claims handset hasnt been returned and im being hit with $1000+ for cancelation fees.

THEN escelated to debt collector THEN to debt collectors lawyers to add further costs and sue me for the money!!!!!!. virgin all the while continues to refuse to provide ANY doumentation that shows who signed for the delivery or WHY NO PHOTO ID WAS REQUESTED from signatory. WTF??? I have had it up to here with big corportations trying to steal from the individual.

virgin mobile just bought my wrath. i will take this all the way through the legal system if i have to.

F em. incompetent %$#@%$#


While buying my virgin mobile android I bought a plan for 300 minutes and unlimited texting. I used all my 300 minutes and it cancelled my texting rendering my phone to be useless until a new month came around.


I tried to call virgin mobile about their "unlimited texting" not working and, thus, forcing me to eat into my limited minutes. It happened a bunch and I eventually ran out of minutes when I never would have if I could have used text messaging properly.

After talking to multiple broken-English idiots I finally got a "supervisor" who was the rudest person and by far the worst "customer service representative" I have ever had the dis-pleasure of knowing. I told him about my consistent problem and added that we need to find a permanent, reliable solution or I may consider switching carriers. He said "Okay, we can just cancel your account now!" and when I said I did not want to do that I would like to solve the problem he told me too late and hung up on me! My phone did not work and I could not log into the web-site.

I feel like the guy took a dump on me. He canceled my account and hung up on me, rather than be responsible and assist a customer. I was irate.

I wanted to fight that man. I hope he gets his.

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