So, we bought a $25/month no contract plan from VM for our son for his birthday (ruined). This nightmare rates as one of the most aggravating events in my life, seriously. I have spent untold hours on the phone with the people at the 800 number trying to get the phone to send texts.

They keep escalting their problem to HQ (3 times) with no fix. They have sent me two new phones and neither of them will connect to the system let alone text or make calls. I have had my complaint phone calls dropped at least 6 times.

They refuse to return my money for the phone because we bought it from a third party (Sprint) and because it has been over thirty days. Even though I have been working on this with them since that time frame.

I guess it's true,you get what you pay for. I bought this plan because of it being a Virigin company. They supposedly have the best services in everything they do. But if I ever come across Branson he will definitely get an earful from me. His company SUCKS!!! Might want to keep this in mind if you ever get a chance to take a ride on his new spaceship.

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have been dealing almost with the same thing now, i have not been able to send or recieve picture messages and i keep getting locked out of my gallery and i had this problem sent to Head quarters and have been told someone will call me in 7 days and no one is calling me back... i am tired of having a phone that wont let me do hardly anything, this has been going on for more then 5 months and the phone is a year old!!!!


My family has used virgin mobile for years we have 2 phones on the $25 plan , 1 blackberry, and one on the higher plan.No problems at all really. The only problem we have had was spotty coverage in some areas where we travel.

Not to over simplify but is it possible that you live in a area with limited sprint coverage?


If you read what you wrote, your question is answered. The only way to ensure a phone will work is to obtian it from your service provider. You Sprint phones are desinged to work on the Sprint network, not with anyone else.


same here. i left t-mobile for these idiots, and now i think i might have to go back.

i only been with the company a little over a week, and i can't use mms messaging, or the internet. there telling me the same BS about how HQ is handling the situation, and it will be fixed A.S.A.P.

nobody has contacted me yet. think long and hard about joining virgin mobile, because these *** don't have a clue to whats going on.

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