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Virgin Mobile. I've read so many bad stories about them, but I still opted for their service due to the low cost and non-contract aspect. It seemed to make more financial sense rather than staying with Verizon Mobile paying their hefty premiums. 2 weeks later, I'm starting to regret this change.

First week, I purchase the LG Optimus V, sign up online and things go pretty smoothly. My first payment, I specifically choose the "one time payment" option and enter my credit card info assuming it will not be used for automatic payment. hence the "one time charge" language.

Two weeks later, I decide I want to change my number. I find out this can be done online, so I proceed and with little warning, and ease, my number is changed. What the ***? two clicks and my number is changed. I did not even get some kind of "are you sure" or this will be your number ? It just happens without much notice and so easily. I try to get my number back calling right after the incident, but no can do. Ok.. I made the change, so I'll just deal with it.

I notice then that my minutes are almost full, 278/300. I call and ask for my record of minute charges since it was not showing the history after the number change. Nope, they dont have my info that existed just minutes ago. Then they go on telling me I must request this by email? Alright,, whatever no big deal, I'll just start a new month cycle by paying again.

I proceed to the link for paying and starting a new cycle. A click there, page freezes for 20 seconds, then I get an error page. Seconds later, I get a txt saying congrats, you just paid blah blah blah.. Uhh.. When did I pay? And how did you charge me when I didnt specify a payment method or card number, let alone authorized ANY charge? Long and behold, they saved my credit card information from the first "one time charge" and charged me. Now I am pissed.

I call customer service, try various routes to get to a *** representative taking me over 5 minutes. The automated system is a joke made to at all possible cost to prevent anyone from getting to an actual rep. And when you do, you get some foreigner from Philipines or India from the sounds of their accent.

I spent countless hours talking with reps to get this issue resolved as my plan was to enter in another credit card for the charge. They try to talk nice and sound as if they will all take care of the issue, but towards the end, they just tell you, "oh, the system wont let me" or I will forward this issue to the financial center giving you the run around. It seems they have no power what so ever to make any changes or resolve any issues. They are their to take complaints from consumers and lead them in circles. That is their job.

After several calls, I was told to wait for the "Financial Center" to give me a call to resolve this. Still waiting, no calls.

Cannot believe such *** of a company still exists even after all the scamming, fraud, and multiple laws I'm sure they are breaking.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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