I had many a problem with the ability to receive text messages on (3) phones: Wife, Son #1 and son # 2. I called and emailed tech support over 20 times within 30 days.

After I threatened a class action law suit against Virgin Mobile, I was able to call the "Real Virgin Mobile Tech Support". This is known as Tier 3 support. This number is definitely not published and is as follows: 1-855-250-5271. I called this number and on the 2nd ring I was connected with support.

They immediately resolved my issue by sending out (3) new Samsung intercept phones. We received them today and all 3 up and running with no issues now.

The tech support rep told me not to bother to call the typical support number as they truly wont resolve most issues. So please go ahead and use this number: 1-855-250-5271 and get that level of supoport that we all expect from a company.

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I called that number and it was a fax screaming in my ear.


Is it just me or does anyone else think of BP the gas company that destroyed millions of sea life when they hear (Virgin Mobile customer service)?


Yes VM is always changing its terms of service, but what phone company isn't changing theirs. I can say this though, VM'S commerical's get a better reputation than their actual products do and that's really sad.

I have the kyocera rise and it sucks balls.

I can't wait to quit VM and upgrade to at&t

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #610032

Customer service is rude amd know help at all, about tp switch, to another provider.


Worst customer service and phone.

Their technical support people hang up and their c.s. is a piece of ***!!!!!!!!!


I agree....Virgin Mobile is the worst company ever.



My phone has been acting wierd after I bought it for 30 days, tried to report it for 5x but all they tell you is we will fixed it & send it to higher department. After so many complaints they finally send me a new phone & guess what the new phone's serial# is blocked in their system due to not being scanne in their system.

Morrilton, Arkansas, United States #388518

I can send SMS text messages but one my friend's receive my SMS text message, they receive a message saying I am not activated for SMS messaging, when I still have money in my account


As Oct. 7, 2011 this number has been disconnected- I've been having an ongoing problem with Virgin and I guess they just don't want to hear it!


March 22, 2011 was sold a 200 Anytime Minutes card by mistake(wanted a card for a land line) at Staples while on vacation in Naples, Fl. Was told by store manager to send card and recepit to Customer Service, Virgin Mobile USA, 10 Independence Blvd., Warren, NJ 07059 for a refund within 4 weeks.

Sent April 2, 20ll. No reply. Called June 8, 20ll, talked with Mark, told refund in 2 weeks. No reply.

Talked with Sarah on July 12th, gave me a referencee # 3-41322955695, Acct. # 3-IZEFOZO.

No satisifaction. If this is not resolved I am contacting the BBB and the FCC.

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