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THIS complaint dated 14 June 2011 is in direct response to virgin mobiles incompetent customer service being outsourced into another third world country and the saga that has taken place thus far.

My name is Jason Harris, at the end of May 2011 I decided to switch my prepaid service from straightalk (wal mart) to virgin mobile inc. In doing so I sold my straight talk phone through eBay and needed to port my phone number. After battling with "Alex" the virtual advisor at 1-888-322-1122 for a few minutes I got to a "live advisor" somewhere in India. I was told by the porting department to buy a simple cheap prepaid phone and use the serial number from that phone to have my number ported to the virgin mobile network. I was then told when my new Smartphone arrived I could "instantly" transfer my number to the new phone.

On 9 June 2011 my new Smartphone arrived, and I promptly called customer service. The representative could not activate my phone because "I was on a paylo plan, and they needed to switch the plan" but for some reason they were getting an error message. After listening to this incompetence and lack of any knowledge on how to handle a customer properly for 2 hours and being put on hold MULTIPLE times at long durations I gave it a rest for the day.

The following day I called back three times and after a lot of complaining managed to get my case escalated to "level 3 priority" support, and was assured a call back within 24 hours.

That time came and went and I was not contacted, when I called back to complain I was given 200 bonus minutes and up to 49.85 credit on a account that I never gave a dime of my money to (even though your company has charged my credit card numerous times in activation attempts you always charged it back and refunded my money according to my records) and was told that until my issue could be fixed that I would be able to use the LG 101 PAYLO phone while waiting. This was also an outright lie as this phone has never been able to make a phone call

I was irate and called back again the next day to be told by several supervisors that I would be hearing from someone by Tuesday 14 June 2011, and that my issue would be resolved by that time. Today is 14 June 2011 and when I called the rep still had no solution for me, and I was transferred to a supervisor, who attempted several times to activate my lg 101 to pacify me and promised a resolution was coming soon with my Smartphone but "could not provide an exact time and date as to when that would happen"

I realize I am only one person in many of your customers but why did you outsource such customer service to purely incompetent third world people, why is it something so "instant" has taken so many days to resolve. Any other cell provider would have either fixed the issue or made good on credits, and speaking of those I have no use for your bonus minutes but since your reps all insisted I was on the 20 cents a minute plan even though I never signed up for a plan at all, I have found that with this aggravation virgin mobile will eventually fix my issue and when they do I feel you will owe me the monetary amount that those minutes accrue to, and for those of you that can't do simple math it breaks down to .20 X 200 = 40.00 + 40.00 = 80.00 credited to my account when and IF you activate my phone.

Also telling your customers that "customers are not allowed to have the number" to the technical support that is allegedly working on their phone is not proper service at all, you people wouldn't have a company if it was not for the customers that pay their prepaid contracts and deal with the hassles you give them, I have also filed a better business bureau complaint against your company and have left a message at your corporate office.

I EXPECT A RESOLUTION WITH THIS ISSUE OR TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE ENGLISH SPEAKING AT 207-784-4710 ASAP, this is intolerable and there is no excuse for the stupidity involved in this companies incompetence and lack of respect for the customer.

I am also posting this to several places on the world wide web with tags that are sure to attract Google spiders, people need to know what they are getting into before they buy a phone that is worthless for them to use and make a monetary investment they can't possibly make good on!

Jason Harris

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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To the person who says that the jobs are outsourced because it is a job that Americans wont take. BS...I know several people who are looking for a job, and would be more qualified in customer service in the USA.

BUT, these jobs are not available because they are shipped to other countries. Many Americans would rather answer calls and read a script rather than be on foodstamps. Which, by the way, the number on the back of the EBT cards is an overseas number. Just saying.

I also have had trouble with VM customer service.

They need to make sure that when a customer tops up, that they give us a choice to either top up, or apply payment to new month. Also, not have them argue with me on the phone because I am a woman!!!!!!!!


Am an american fully and faithful to my country but when l see you people talk or wright this kind of insult to other peoples that doesn't have nothing to do with the main services that companies gives you guys and they are just doing the jobs that you american don't want to do. Remember that there are no third world all of us are living in the same world unless you have another world where you would like to live in, but if you consider this issue of speaking english remember first where english came from and what was our ancestors language before , none of you l guest will ever know unless you WANT TO IGNORE IT. I appreciate the valenty that these people from over sea is taking just to give us some kind of help even if it poor but with honor and strenth....


It's staffed by foreigners and much of their call centers are in freaking Mexico. I cancelled my new service with that company after two hours of jerking off with Amigos who no comprende.

NEVER AGAIN. :( :( :( :( :(


Yeah they are by far the suckiest company i have ever had cell service with. I cant tell you what a head ache its been.

But at the moment I cant afford anything else.

Yet outsourcing has never been a problem for me anyways.

*** and poorly trained isn't isolated to 3rd word countries. If anything any conversation I've had with "English" speaking agents for sprint and straightalk have ended in me cancelling my services all together.


Incompetent doesn't begin to describe them. I ported my number from AT&T and "more than a week later" they are still unable to get it properly provisioned to my account.

I've called over ten times and hear the same excuses and lies each time. We will call you back in an hour with an update...LIES! They also claim it's been escalated to the highest point in the company...MORE LIES! If the highest people in your company can't get it working after more than a week, then this company is bound to collapse in on itself.

I'm returning the phone this weekend. I would call Virgin Mobile to get a refund for my monthly access charges, but I can already picture how that phone call would turn out, so I'll save myself the headache and aggravation and just contact my credit card company to get the charges reversed. The thing that really upsets me the most is now I'm going to lose my number due to their incompetence.

Their low prices may be enticing, but heaven forbid you have to call them for any reason. Do yourself a favor and stay away!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #318262

Same problem w. the outsourced customer service.

But they're not indian they're sri lankians. They don't have any tech training and are reading from a script. VirgiN mobile aint doing itslef any favours w. this group as their front line point of contact, it just makes things worse when you are frustrated and tryiing to solve a tech problem.

Why are paying a group of people to tell customers "take out the battery and turn the phone on and off" over and over again?

ANd the sri lankians won't tell you to open a ticket whick will cause the problem to be tracked and get you, the cusotmer, better results. Try the California group at 866 553 9806.

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