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Just a warning to everyone out there, don't get virgin mobile cell phone service. I signed up with them 9/2010, paying around 200$ for a blackberry.

Great deal, or so I thought. For the first several months they had problems debiting my account because someone entered a credit card incorrectly, every month my service would be shut off. Finally after 3 or 4 months with the company they figured out the automatic billing. Less then a year after buying the blackberry (April), it stopped working.

I called the company, they sent a replacement, since it was still under warranty. This is where the problems REALLY start. When I called to activate the replacement they sent me, I was told it was a bad ESN. They haven't been able to activate the phone since, and although I have been told twice on the phone that they plan to send me a new one, they never have.

Their tactic with customer service is to either transfer you for hours and not resolve the problem, or escalate the problem (but it still never gets fixed). They also say they will call you right back, and when they do call back only let the phone ring once so you can't answer it. They then send you an email, which I have, that contradicts what they told you on the phone. For example, yesterday I was told they would mail me a new blackberry, for the second time they entered my home address.

Then she requested to call me back (I have since learned they are not allowed to hang up on you). When she called me back the phone rang once I could not reach it in time. Two minutes later, the same thing. The customer service representative, Raquel then emailed me saying they were transferring it to a higher department (Which they have been doing for six months) when I inquired further, I was told no order for a working blackberry has been processed because it is transferred to a higher department.

To be clear, the blackberry from Virgin Mobile works as a wifi device and mp3 player, but they do not have the capability to activate it on their network.

A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau, because Virgin Mobile is lying to me and cheating me. Don't buy their service.

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What this person is saying is true. I am having a nightmare activating a phone.

They actually activated it, then disconnected it for who knows what reason (human error probably).

Two supervisors I spoke with claimed there was a help ticket submitted to activate the number again, but then I spoke to someone at the porting department who said no one submitted any ticket. Also, one of the customer care supervisors hung up on me mid sentence.

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