There is no customer service with this company. I have called their customer service about ten times now.

About 60% of the time, the outsourced rep can not understand me or I can not him/her due to the heavy accent or their lack of english ability. As if that wasn't enough, even if you can understand each other, the rep do not know how to resolve anything. I've been told that they can't connect me to technical service because they don't have the capability (hope you never run into technical issues with them). I've also been told that there is no supervisor working at the time, several times.

I've been told that they can't figure out the bill nor do they really try to figure out the issue. They aren't really there to help you. And oh yes, I have been hung up on three out of the ten times. I've been nothing but nice and thorough when calling them, but they are the worst.

I'm a auditor and I really wish I could audit this company. There is something really wrong with how this company is managing itself.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #608670

It's funny how you are complaining about the customer service rep and their lack of English speaking skills. As I read your complaint, I find myself complaining about your lack of English writing skills....

Hahaha. *** Americans.


I've been with the company for years and the first major tech. problem occured, the VM customer, is correct with everything he or she is saying poor service they cant connected you they dont know anything, its been two months no one has contacted me or compensated me for anything, I'm about to get my lawyer that I have with Pre paid legal..and they WILL GET JUSTICE, SHE'S ABOUT TO FAX ME SOME FORMS AND WANTS A COPY OF THE AGREEMENT.


I KNOW I HAVE RIGHTS. geminiqueen076@hotmail.com

Rovato, Lombardy, Italy #227070

what is your issue, I have been a customer for a long time and probably have gone through the same thing


Virgin mobile customer service is a joke!!!!

We have a phone that we purchased in Aug.

2010 and we can't get the web. It worked fine until Dec. We have contacted them SEVERAL times just to be put on hold, they respond, "we need 24-72 hours to reset it. We'd call back giving them time to do their job.

AND AGAIN, we get the we need maybe another 24-48 hours. This went on for about 10 days. Then, they will put it as a PRIORITY to their technical dept. That takes another 24-72 hours.

Then let's ESCALATE it and what do you think, YEP they need another 24-72 hours not as I sit on hold waiting for a supervisior, they want to send us a REFURBISHED PHONE-Just what I don't want. ANOTHER piece of *** phone.

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