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Virgin Mobile is the worst carrier in the history of mobile service. Customer service is more quoting policies than actually serving the customer. Their VP's like Jeff Auman, Ted Vagelos and others must sit around and just collect a check because they definitively are not dedicated to making Virgin Mobile a better company, nor pleasing their customers like myself that have stuck with this sinking ship. I have been a customer for 8 years when their policies were geared to helping. I recently bought a new phone but was having problems with it, so I contacted Customer Service/Tech Support,. Twice I was told their was nothing they could do and no replacement was available. Then I finally talked to a tech that was able to send me a replacement. Well after I got it I figured if this model gave me problems I should upgrade, so I decided that I would simply return the unit. Before I did that I started a new job and was in the midst of moving. Once I found the phone packed away I was getting text messages from VM stating that if I didn't return the replacement my account would be suspended. So I called in and spoke to 4 different people who assured everything should be okay if I returned the phone next week even though the text stated my service would be suspended by Saturday. Well lo and behold it was cut off and all the excuses come out. Needless to say I sent the phone back to the warehouse overnight and they received it Tuesday at 9:20 am in the warehouse signed, sealed and with their RMA number all over the outside. I even got this message from their customer service....

Good Morning Philip,

My team confirmed with the warehouse, the device was successfully received yesturday. However, it takes 3-5 business days for the packages to be processed in the warehouse as returned. Once the package as been processed (labeled returned), the system will automatically remove the suspension from your account.


Teareney F.

Virgin Mobile Care

Social Media Team

Can you believe that. How does it take idiots in a warehouse 3-5 days to process a phone you have verified that you have???? Are they monkeys, retarded are or simply ***. This another email that I received with something completely different.

Hello Phillip,

Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

We are always glad to help you with any concerns that you may have. In order to have the suspension remove from your account, we have escalated your information to our higher department, it can take from 24 to 72 business hours.

The case ID you can use as future references is: 528......

and yet another message....

Hello Phillip, thanks for providing your account pin and tracking information for your package. I checked the tracking information and the device has not arrived at the warehouse facility as of yet. Once the device is returned and marked as returned in the system, the order will automatically close and your account should be unsuspended. I am sending email correspondence to let the warehouse department know the device is being returned. We should receive an update wtihin 24-72 hours. You're more than welcome to message us here for updates once available. ^Melanie

Virgin Mobile neither cares about their clients nor lack of honesty nor customer service. VP's like Jeff Auman should be ashamed that you actually cash your check because you definitely are doing anything worth while for clients like myself that have been with this company. How could you honestly set a policy that it takes 3-5 days to process anything???? Really??? Do you guys even have a clue?? Study companies like Honda to learn about customer service because you don't have any idea what service, honor, good business practices nor caring are.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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i have had the same problem. virgin mobil suspended my service because of not receiving a broken phone.

i have a very sick child in the hospital, i need my phone for family and hospital. i called virgin mobil and it was terrible, they threatened to hang up on me they were rude and told me my service would be restored within 24 hrs. that was on thursday this is now tuesday and still no service. i have been with virgin mobil for almost 10 years and i cant beleive they are doing this.

this is a very bad time for me and my family. have not been able to keep contact with information about my child, this has been devasting to me and my family. there was no reason for them to suspend my service they were able to track the phone and knew where it was, i just paid them 40 dollars and they charged me by the min when i have a plan. four days later i put 45 more dollars on my account and the next day they suspend my account.

im seeking legal council about vigin mobil and what they did to me. lets see if they think they are so funny afterwards.


virgin mobil is now nothing but a group of illegal immigrants being exploited and they dont care if the customer service is effected by the corporate headquarters shinnanagines. they reek, suck, and all should be sued by the fcc and investigated like say when simone was the advertisment and the poster child for the homeless and the donations , yeah investigate the *** holes wheres all the money ?

to Anonymous #860106

They actually work in a different country like Mexico and the Phillipines...I'm surprised this company still has clients, the service sucks, but again you get what you pay for

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #926239

Virgin mobile is doing the same thing to me right now. They suspended my phone and my daughter's phone for over 1 week now, even though I payed their $69.66 that they said I owed!

My daughter has special needs and have no phone service now , but virgin mobile don't care, I think they enjoy punishing their customers. they now owe me because I payed my 45.dollars already 4 this month.

I am so going to sue them! After being a customer for so long, their treating me lIke ***!

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