Went to use my phone and got a message saying I needed to top up. Checked my balance and there was $12 in my account. Went ahead and topped up another $20. Still got the same message. Called customer service (and I use that term loosely) and was disconnected and hung up on repeatedly. The few people I talked to were obviously at a call center in India. Here's a tip for Virgin Mobile - having your guys with heavy Indian accents give the caller an American name isn't fooling anybody.

Then they called me and left a voicemail - which I couldn't access because I was still getting the message saying my account balance was too low. The second time they called me to leave a message, it was MIDNIGHT. Another tip for VM - give your call center staff a time zone map.

Checked my balance today and they made sure I got charged for the time I spent on hold and dealing with their so-called customer service reps.

I've also sent three emails in the past 24 hours and have yet to get a response. Buh-bye Virgin Mobile, I'm switching to another carrier.

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